Road – Patrick Lefevere: "I didn't take Julian Alaphilippe for that"

Road – Patrick Lefevere: “I didn’t take Julian Alaphilippe for that”

It’s in a few hours Julian Alaphilippe will launch its 2023 exercise! Brought to play a few rounds of the Mallorca Challenge, which will take place from Wednesday to Sunday, the former wearer of the rainbow jersey, unlucky and far from his best level in 2022, will begin an important season. And we can count on Patrick Lefevereits general manager within the Soudal Quick-Step, to titillate the pride of the French, the Belgian not taking any tweezers with the latter for a few weeks. And the boss of wolf pack very recently said that during a conversation with a journalist from Sporza.

Video – Julian Alaphilippe: “My relationship with Lefevere is the same”

“I didn’t take him into the team for that”

“He says we didn’t have that conversation, I tell him we did. His wife and his manager were there”declares Patrick Lefevere in response to statements made by Julian Alaphilippe last week in the columns of the newspaper The Team (“Every time I had discussions with him, it went well. He never said such things to my face. To be honest, I was a little surprised to read that”he explained in relation to the pikes launched this winter by his general manager, who repeatedly placed his rider before his responsibilities, referring in particular to his duty to be very efficient in view of his large salary.).

“I told him I was not happy at all. I understand his illnesses and falls, but you can’t keep hiding behind this. It was the cold truth. Everyone knows I don’t attack injured runners, but if there’s a lot of money in the story, then I can react. Last year he won twice, previous years three and four times. I didn’t take him into the team for that.”continued a Patrick Lefevere offensive and who, as usual, does not spare his champions.

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